Succeeding in today’s business environment has become more challenging than ever. If you are a small to medium business, it is unlikely that you have the time, money, or resources to maintain an internal IT support department.

This is why using our IT outsourcing services is a great idea for achieving high availability IT system uptime with lower overhead and cost.

Good reasons to outsource:

Save Money

Having an Ad-Hoc “part time” IT support will help to increase profit margins by reducing your operating expenses as IT system and infrastructure for small and medium companies are relatively simple and system or network break down only occurred occasionally.

Increase Productivity

Ongoing issues with your IT system or network can have an adverse effect on productivity within the workplace. You can focus on your business by outsourcing your IT to ensure system and network uptime.

Improve Network Stability

A good network managed correctly will result in less downtime and increased productivity. Our IT support team has the resources to proactively monitor your network and fix problems before you know they exist and also will provide expert strategic advice you on how to minimize downtime by improving your network infrastructure.

Immediate Response for Critical Case

A major problem with your IT network will cost you valuable time and money. Our experience IT support personnel will act immediately in the event of a business critical network problem.

Our services includes :

  • Configuration and integration, back up service
  • Provide contact service in term of monthly, quarters or annual
  • Provide consultation based on customer requirement
  • Outsource web and email hosting.

Problems client facing :

  • Unaware PC hardware and software faulty 
  • Facing data lose and software crack due to spyware and virus infected
  • Certain PCs do not connect to server and printers
  • PC assets are not recorded
  • Unknown PC problems

After having our services :

  • Asap onsite for trouble shooting
  • Format install PC, configuration for new PCs, Servers, and Printers, including mapping and networking set up.
  • Resolve all PCs issue including infected virus, data back up and transfer.
  • Replace fault hardware found. 
  • PC Assets including hardware and software are well records in a check list.