Rival Tech has been involving in the implementation of Infrastructure Structured Cabling for Data Centers, Government and Commercial sites.

We have extensive experience in providing cabling services installation for Access Points, Network Points, and Electrical Points readily supply of Cat 5 and Cat 6 cabling component, fiber optics, door access and also cable management advisory. We have a pool of well-trained professional cablers team, with minimum 5 years’ experience in numerous projects, and are equip with the necessary test equipment, to fulfill all cabling requirement.

Our services includes:

  1. On Site Evaluation and Providing estimated quotation 
  2. Site Survey
  3. Documentation
  4. Network Migration
  5. UPS Installation and maintenance
  6. Equipment Rack and Server Rack installation
  7. Construct Cable Tray, Pipe and Trunking
  8. Project Management

Completed Projects

 HP, IBM, Huang Wei, Grand Lexis Data Center Cable Management

Cable Management (Before)

Cable Management (After)

Problem Client Facing :

  • Unorganized and unlabeled plug, wires and cables
  • Facing frequent server down time
  • Wires and cables are expose and unprotect from bitten by rodents

After having our organization :

  • Organized and labeled wires and cables
  • Servers down time reduce and resolve
  • Neat and tidy 
  • Wires and cables are well tied and kept in rack, reduce the chance of bitten by rodents
  • Unfunction wires and cables are well checked and replaced
  • Plugs and cables are well labeled.